What is the AVONSIGE process of ordering a gown ?

1. Make your gown order by filling out our booking form at www.avonsige.com
(this should be done at least 3 – 4 months before your event date.)

2. A date is scheduled via email to meet the designer in person for local Brides and zoom call for international Brides

3. First meeting with the Designer attracts a non refundable fee. It will be a discussion of concepts, design inspiration, fabric choices, among other relevant information required for gown construction. A detailed follow up sketch of the complete gown will be sent for final approval as well as a budget.

4. Our second appointments will be measurement taking . For Local Brides, this will be done in our Atelier, for Foreign Brides, a measurement chart will be sent to you with detailed instructions on how to take accurate measurements.

60% percent of the total cost of gown is deposited as part payment before work begins. This will be done via bank transfer OR Mobile Money Transfer.

Full payment is made once the gown is complete. If shipping is involved, full payment is made before the gown is shipped to client.

We have a HOME SERVICE charge for Brides who will need the assistance of the designer to fit a gown on event date.

As early as 4 months before event date. Emergency gowns (made within 1-2 months of event date)are treated as protocol, hence come at a higher cost.

we DO NOT provide LACE fabrics, SMOCK fabrics or KENTE fabrics . If any is to be used, we will recommend and assist you in selecting fabrics that best fit the final outcome of your gown. All other fabrics will be provided by AVONSIGE.

We have a minimum of 3 fittings;

• The first fitting date is when the Bride fits a mockup or toile of her design. For local Brides, this will be done in our atelier. For foreign Brides, the sample will be shipped to you and a video call will be scheduled to make all corrections.

• Second fitting will have the Bride fit into 50% of the finished gown. this only applies to local Brides

• Third fitting will be the Bride fitting her complete gown.

• We can have subsequent fittings if necessary

NO, you don’t . You can walk into our atelier in OSU,ACCRA, and be attended to.

You can send a direct email to info@avonsige.com. IT takes between 24 and48 hours to respond

 Call or whatsapp us on +233249947640
Monday – Friday between 9am-5pm

We are located at F333 Troas ST, Accra, Ghana.