Meet Avonsige Ayinemi Augustina, the visionary Ghanaian Fashion designer, CEO, and creative director behind AVONSIGE. Fashion, for her, is a profound language of expression, leaving an indelible mark wherever we go.

Inspired by an avant-garde show as a teenager, Avonsige’s passion for unforgettable designs became her driving force. Backed by her parents’ support from a young age, she studied visual art and textiles before embarking on a transformative fashion journey.

Today, AVONSIGE’s high fashion and Avant Garde creations captivate hearts worldwide. Join her emotional odyssey through an extraordinary world where fashion speaks directly to the soul.

AVONSIGE, a proudly Ghanaian women’s wear brand, weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of Bridal, Traditional, and casual RTW garments, fusing local Ghanaian textiles with pristine whites – our signature touch. From the moment we stepped onto the fashion scene, our name echoed with positivity and admiration.

Embracing our cultural heritage wholeheartedly, we introduced the iconic “kente” and “smock” into captivating bridal concepts, drawing gasps of awe from fashion enthusiasts unafraid to wear our culture with pride. Our designs are an artistic reflection of the vibrant Ghanaian lifestyle and its beautiful people.

Beyond fashion, AVONSIGE passionately advocates for tourism, preserving the richness of Ghanaian culture, and supporting the local fabric manufacturing industry. Our bespoke creations are crafted with love, narrating stories of tradition and innovation.

In a groundbreaking feat, our AVONSIGE 2022 collection “MOTHERLAND” took center stage as the FIRST FASHION FILM ever produced in Ghana, amplifying our commitment to cultural celebration.

At the heart of AVONSIGE lies a beautiful tradition – every year, we recreate original pieces from our collections into Christmas clothes for orphans and underprivileged children in northern Ghana, in an initiative we fondly call “AVONSIGE RUNWAY FOR A CAUSE.”

Join us on this heartfelt journey, where fashion becomes a bridge between cultures, a canvas for heritage, and a beacon of hope for those in need. With AVONSIGE, elegance finds a profound purpose, and style becomes a language that touches hearts around the world.